With our vast and varied experience, we are proud to be able to offer an array of disciplines across a range of
formats. Design is not what we do, it is who we are. We channel our inspiration to produce brilliant branding.
Our clients enjoy working with us because we understand what they need and deliver it when we say we are going to.

There’s no time like the present to improve your business image. For a unique differentiation in a competitive environment, a visually distinctive identity is necessary to create a brand presence and one that arouses emotions and remains in the minds of consumers.


To get noticed, you literally have to grab your audience’s attention and take your message to new heights. Print production is a very cost-effective method of advertising, which offers long-lasting business solutions. The superior quality of our prints ensures their durability and ability to withstand rough weather conditions, as we use the latest digital technology to produce high-quality printing suitable for both outdoor and indoor displays.


Lamppost advert are strategy and tactics needed to consider in advertising. Lamppost can be an advertisement endorsing different kind of product, establishment, services etc. It can also be one of the public promotions for awareness. Lamppost advert aim to draw a large crowd thus, it is usually put along passengers way as well as traffic areas, markets, churches, schools, business zones, malls etc where it can easily be seen depending on the target market.


Bus-stop shelter advertisement rank among the highest perceived means of advertising, in comparison to other out of home platforms. With the masses spending an average of 40% of their day out of home, 21% of their day is spent traveling and 100% of them passing by a bus stop shelter. Bus stop shelter can be everywhere especially public places and this provides a continuous effective advertising presence and it reaches the masses. 


Innovative, consistent, attention grabbing and result driven design is what we do. We put all our experience into designing you something unique. With clients from all sectors across Nigeria, we always make sure you are totally satisfied with our work and us.


Vehicles are great canvases for advertisements and nothing gets your message out there more clearly or more quickly than vehicle wraps. With our vehicle wrap services, you can create a cost-effective moving billboard! Our high-quality, high-resolution vehicle wraps allow excellent marketing exposure. With vehicle wraps your marketing message isn’t set in stone either! They are easy to remove, which allows for changes in advertising, unlike custom paint jobs.


Out of home advertising is focused on marketing to the customers when they are "on the go", in public places, in transit, on the road, specific locations, high flow traffic mobile areas etc. Since billboard are generally placed along high ways and busy streets, you will be guaranteed that people will see your advertisement because unlike with commercials or magazine ADS, you cannot flip the channels or turn the page on a billboard. Therefore, people will notice the billboard display. Billboards are designs that capture and maintain reader's attention. It also sustains the name, image awareness and also serves as a directional guide to potential customers.


There are many reasons for using advertising inflatables, but the biggest plus is that these mobile inflatables can be installed on almost any location and furthermore offer an incredible attraction to the public. Advertising inflatables are easy to transport. For example, an inflatable start/finish arch of 9x6 meters has a pack size of only 100x70cm. A (branded) bouncy castle of 4x5 meter has a pack size of about 120x80c and an average 4meter high inflatable mascot or product replica has a pack size of ca. 90x50cm. Giant inflatables are easy to set up. There is often no more required than just a power connection and a suitable free space for setting up. An inflatable start/finish arch giant product replica is normally set up within 5minutes. They are relatively cheap compared to (non inflatable) fixed advertising objects of the same size. Furthermore inflatables are effective eye catcher. There is virtually no advertisement or promotional item to think of that offers such a great attention and creates so much goodwill as a great advertising inflatables. The public is lured from afar and becomes intrigued by the sight of advertising inflatables and would definitely like to come take a look. Inflatables are also very durable. 


Promotional products have been a popular choice for marketing and advertising campaigns for many years. 87% of people would usually keep promotional items longer than a year. The longer a promotional product is kept, the more impression it makes on the recipient and anyone else that sees the recipient using the said promotional item. The impact of these promotional items to the recipients is great. They can recall the specific type of product received and also remember the brand name or name of the company for a long period of time after receiving it.



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