There are many reasons for using advertising inflatables, but the biggest plus is that these mobile inflatables can be installed on almost any location and furthermore offer an incredible attraction to the public. Advertising inflatables are easy to transport. For example, an inflatable start/finish arch of 9x6 meters has a pack size of only 100x70cm. A (branded) bouncy castle of 4x5 meter has a pack size of about 120x80c and an average 4meter high inflatable mascot or product replica has a pack size of ca. 90x50cm. Giant inflatables are easy to set up. There is often no more required than just a power connection and a suitable free space for setting up. An inflatable start/finish arch giant product replica is normally set up within 5minutes. They are relatively cheap compared to (non inflatable) fixed advertising objects of the same size. Furthermore inflatables are effective eye catcher. There is virtually no advertisement or promotional item to think of that offers such a great attention and creates so much goodwill as a great advertising inflatables. The public is lured from afar and becomes intrigued by the sight of advertising inflatables and would definitely like to come take a look. Inflatables are also very durable.
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